How to start earning with Perfluence

Submit application and wait for approval
Prepare a post for moderation and get a promo code
Publish the post and add it to the system

Top 5 projects of the month

Tinkoff Black

Start promoting "Tinkoff Black" on your blog. Go to the platform to see the full terms.


Start promoting "Делимобиль" on your blog. Go to the platform to see the full terms.


Start promoting " iHerb " on your blog. Go to the platform to see the full terms.

Mamsy CPA

Начни рекламировать "Mamsy CPA" в своем блоге. Чтобы узнать полные условия, переходи на платформу.

Sokolov Открытие CPP

Start promoting "Sokolov Открытие CPP" on your blog. Go to the platform to see the full terms.

Why do I need Perfluence?
With Perfluence, you get access to the largest advertisers. We negotiate with the best brands on exclusive terms! All formalities are our concern. You just have to choose an interesting project and prepare a post!
How many advertisers are available on Perfluence?
There are more than 50 of them and the number is constantly growing. Our smart algorithm basing on your data selects the most promising projects for you.
When will I get money?
30-45 days after the post is published. Your post is being reviewed + statistics on sales from your post are collected + mutual settlements between large advertisers and the platform take place.
How will I get money?
You can select a convenient payment method in the personal account on the platform.
How much does Perfluence pay?
After posting, you receive a percentage of sales with the use of your promo code or a fixed amount for each order. See all conditions in descriptions of the projects. It does not matter how many likes and subscribers you have, it is only important for how much your audience spends bying. And this depends only on its ability to pay and how much it trusts your opinion.
How can I get more projects and more money?
1. Be sure to complete your profile. Upload statistics to give an advertiser as much information about yourself and your audience as possible. 2. Apply for projects. Go to the platform and click "Submit Application" 3. Create interesting content. Advertisers assess the activity and engagement of your audience when choosing you for a project
Why CPA?
Big advertisers with big budgets don't like buying a pig in a poke. They have targets, they are willing to pay for the result - sales of their goods and services. They are not interested in buying likes and publications. It is still possible to find advertisers who pay for posts nowadays, but it's getting fewer and fewer of them every month . Advertisers who have tried CPA will not return to the regular system. If you want to have a stable income from your blog and keep up with the times, then it's time to switch to the CPA model.

O que saiu na imprensa

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Employee education - contribution to the long-term development of the entire company.

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Real sales through microbloggers - Eldorado experience

During the trial month of cooperation the Perfluence platform, iProspect and Eldorado have attracted through microbloggers 10 times more buyers than it had been planned. 20 ads from microbloggers resulted in more than 1,500 orders, CRR 10%.


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