Remote job interview for the position of "Blogger Relationship Manager"

Please watch the presentation about how to use the Perfluence platform and how the CPA model works. This information will be useful to you when filling out the questionnaire


Tell about your education
Do you know any foreign languages? Which ones?
What time of day do you plan to work?
How do you imagine the work of a scout?
Why do you want to work with us? Name three points
Can you be in touch on Telegram during the day?
What are your salary expectations?
How do you feel about sales? Have you had any work experience in sales? (describe it briefly)
If you have studied the information, indicate the advantages of the CPA model which you have found for yourself / for bloggers / for advertisers?
  • Менеджер: Добрый день, да. Система оплаты СРА. Вы уже сотрудничали по ней?
  • Блогер: Да, пока не возьмусь снова. Мне легче работать по стандартной схеме, нежели ждать оплату за действие, но спасибо, что предложили!
Please compose your first message to an Instagram blogger you want to offer advertising Aliexpress. According to the conditions, the blogger receives 500 rubles for each order wiith hus personal promotional code used. Subscriber bonus is 15% off on first order.
Enter your nickname on Instagram
Do you manage any blog (your own or someone else's)? If you do, attach the link or indicate the social network and the number of subscribers
How did you get to know about the vacancy?
If you found out about the vacancy from a BLOGGER or our employee, please write their full name and nickname on Telegram/Instagram
Leave your Telegram nickname for us to contact you

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