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Perfluence fonctionne sur le modèle CPA

- cost per action - vous gagnez, si les followers effectuent de simples actions ciblées sur le site ou dans les boutiques de l'annonceur

Pourquoi le travail sur un modèle CPA est-il nécessaire pour notre marché?

Avec nous, c'est facile

Créez un compte de blog
Choisissez les offres que vous aimez
Lisez le devoir, poser des questions au manager
Obtenez un «motivateur» spécial pour les followers
Faites des posts et stories
Obtenez de l'argent sur votre carte

Why Perfluence

Top brands

We persuade top best brands from all over the world not to waste money on celebs but spend it with microbloggers. We have already increased the amount of money in the market that exactly you can earn

Open to everyone

Have at least 1500 subscribers to your blog? Let's make money together. All social networks and all blog topics are welcome!

Fast payments

We try to pay every 2 weeks, although we ourselves receive money from the advertiser in 30-90 days.

Personal manager for every blogger

We have trained hundreds of people to work in a way that makes you feel comfortable. They will help you solve any issue


déjà avec nous

I really enjoyed working on your platform! Everything is transparent. Thanks to you, I understand what the audience likes, how many people have used the discount. But the main thing is the human factor! There is round-the-clock support of managers who would answer any question and always help. Thanks a lot.


I would like to prize the advertising agency Perfluence. We collaborate and I'm gonna to continue collaborating. I'm totally satisfied with everything. Everything is agreed and happens on time. The terms of projects are always clear and precise. I want to pay special attention to my manager Angelina. She is friendly and would always prompt and help.


Thanks for the bonuses you give to my subscribers. By the way, I've been always wondering how you found me. It's good that you did. I like that there are a lot of brands on the platform and all of them are reliable. It ensures higher subscriber loyalty.



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