Create boosts

in your Perfluence account and upgrade your blog with live followers of other bloggers on Instagram.


only for those subscribers who come to your account and do not unfollow within 10 days.

Create posts

and stories about other bloggers and get paid for every subscriber transferred by you.

Want to upgrade your account or brand account with live followers?

Do you want to make money on your Instagram followers?

How it works?

An insta-blogger (Acceptor) creates Boost - a task for his account upgrade. In this task, he describes what kind of bloggers he is willing to accept subscribers from and at what price. You set the price per subscriber yourself!


Other bloggers of the Perfluence platform (and there are already more than 258 853 of them!) apply if the price suits them. These bloggers are ready to become "Donors" of subscribers for the Acceptor's account.

​The Insta blogger who has created the boost approves the donor bloggers who have applied in their profiles


​The donor bloggers make posts and stories about the acceptor's account. They tell about other blogger in such a way so that their followers would subscribe

The Perfluence system counts and records those subscribers of a donor blogger who have subscribed to an acceptor blogger within 48 hours after publishing a story and within 7 days after publishing a post. 10 days after publication, we count those of them who have not unsubscribed and display the number on the personal account


The acceptor blogger's payment ​is transferred to the donor blogger's account. The donor blogger gets his money and the blogger who has created the Boost gets live subscribers with no unfollowed ones.​

So, let's take an example

The blogger @katekomleva wants to attract 1000 new followers to her Instagram. She replenishes the account in the amount of 15,000 rubles as she is ready to pay 15 rubles for each new subscriber.
The blogger @helgaraevskaya applied to participate in the "Boost" and was approved by Katya, as well as many other participants who help Katya with upgrading her account. Katya decides with whom she will cooperate.
In 10 days we see that 35 subscribers of Olya have started following Katya and have not unsubscribe from her. Now Olya can withdraw money for them.
Perfluence commission is 10% for a donor,
It means that Olya for the transition of 35 subscribers to Katya will receive 472.5 rubles
Bloggers earn money and receive only live subscribers,
And the Perfluence system will make sure that everything works and there is no deception!

How do you count it?

Perfluence analytics system
Perfluence analytics system uses extremely reliable back-end data processing facilities to attribute all the subscribers from one blogger to another correctly.
258,000 + accounts
We process terabytes of information on all of 258,000 + blogger accounts registered on the platform every day and use mathematical models for correct results distribution.
Boost your accounts
Upgrade your accounts and the accounts of other bloggers with our algorithms!

Why should you use our system?

Don't pay for the subscribers

who have unfollowed

Do not pay for bots

led to your account

Earn yourself

making at least 3 boosts a day, choosing bloggers who your subscribers will like

How to start boost / become a donor

How to start boost for bloggers:

Go to the "Booster" section in your Perfluence profile

Click on the “Create boost” button

Approve bloggers who apply

Run boost for brands:

Request company registration

Get access to the system

Click on the “Create boost” button

Approve bloggers who apply

How to become a subscriber donor?

Go to the "Booster" section in your Perfluence profile

Choose the blogger you like

Submit application

Get approved

Post and make money


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